Meet Me

I'm always very aware that clients share with me some of their most innermost thoughts and feelings; sharing experiences, negative thought patterns that hold them back & fears etc. However as practitioner's we share little of ourselves.


So in an attempt to partially level the playing field, meet me. I'm Samantha.  I'm a wife, mum, daughter, sister, auntie & touched to be considered a friend.  I love my dog and, whilst I'm not the best at it, I love baking. I'm also somewhat obsessed with essential oils but more on that later  I've had my life's drama and trauma. I've lost people close to me. I've got angry and said words I shouldn't have. I've cried tears of happiness, sadness, anger and celebration.  I've achieved some goals and continue to work towards many others.


Why do I share this?  I share this little bit of me because it's important you see a real person.  I'm not perfect nor do I live a life of idealism. I would love to meditate but like many struggle to find time. I love food and the odd glass of wine.


What I am though, is great at what I do.  I've been helping people for 5 years to achieve their goals, be more confident, deal with physical discomfort and release behaviours and thoughts that serve no good.  I believe life is about living, not being perfect, it's about being true to yourself and owning it because when you own the good and the bad you can move forward & create change.



Let's do this.