Welcome to YOUR future

With 5 years experience and a lifetime of passion and belief, I am thrilled you have found me.

Together we can create change.


Congratulations. By searching and finding my website you've taken the first step towards change, taken the time to look into ways to change something in your life. Whether you want to reach a goal, feel better, love better, connect more or any of the 100's of reason you could be searching, congratulate yourself, the biggest journeys start with the smallest steps.


I am committed to working with people who are commited to themselves; people who value themselves enough to take action and personal responsibility for their thoughts, wellbeing, emotions and dreams.  I believe we all have the answers inside us to help us achieve our goals and dreams. So if you're ready to go inside and find those answers I'd be honoured to support you through the process and help get you to where you want to be.


How do I do this?  I use Health Kinesiology & Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). I work via the internet or in person at the Bedford Integrative Health Center.  In addition to the therapies I also help people take control of their own wellbeing with essential oils.  Essential oils are a perfect companion to energy healing but stand alone as an empowering energy tool in their own right.


Have fun exploring the site and if you want to speak more book a phone consultation using the below button.